Repair Tips




From time to time, it may be necessary have a repair performed on your jewelry.

At RINGS.NG, we do not offer jewelry repair services for now. However, in the event that you're in need of this service, here are several guidelines you may find helpful:


  • Prevent Damage to Your Jewelry

Prevention is the best way to prevent the necessity of repair, so a regular inspection is the best way to minimize potentially costly repairs. You can perform a simple inspection every two to three months to ensure that the condition of your jewelry is good and prevent a small problem from becoming a big headache.


Prevent Damage to Your Jewelry


  • Look for Reviews & Referrals 

When deciding on a jeweler to perform your jewelry repairs, look for reviews of their work and ask for referrals when appropriate. Furthermore, taking a few moments to ask questions of the jeweler is a wise investment that should pay off with a good jewelry repair experience.


Look for Reviews and Referrals


  • Jewelry Repair Pricing

When jewelry repair pricing is being quoted, it's wise to ensure that these figures are being quoted from a price book rather than off the top of someone's head. When a jeweler takes the time to publish their prices, it's clear that they have extensive experience and have thoroughly researched their investment of time and materials to complete the job correctly.


Jewelry Repair Pricing


  • Observe the Jewelry Take-in Procedures 
    A clear description of how an item is to be repaired is the key to a successful repair. Closely observe the jewelry take-in procedure when the repair is being explained. The issues with each piece being repaired should be well documented using descriptions and drawings to ensure that the repair will be done correctly the first time. 


Observe the Jewelry Take-in Procedures 



  • Inspect Your Jewelry at Pickup 
    When picking up your jewelry, it's important to thoroughly inspect the work performed. Before accepting the piece of jewelry, first make sure that it is the correct item. Next, make sure that the repair was performed as requested. Lastly, ensure that the entire piece was cleaned and polished. After all, this should be the expectation of every professional jeweler that performs jewelry repair.


Inspect Your Jewelry at Pickup


    How To Find Your Ring Size


    METHOD 1 

    Get to the nearest ring store where you can have your finger sized by a professional jeweler. This is the most accurate method to get to know your ring size.

    Our store is located at 31A, Isaac John street, Ikeja G.R.A (opp. Protea Hotel)

    know your ring size rings nigeria



    METHOD 2 

    We realise that not all our customers can find time to come to our store to have their fingers professionally sized.

    So guess what? We can also ship you a free ring sizer. How cool is that???

    - You can request that we send you a ring sizer set. It’s a collection of plastic rings, usually ranging from U.S. size 4 to 13, in half-size increments. Simply try on the rings till you find the one with the most comfortable fit that slides on and off easily.

    ring sizer tool


    - Just incase what you have is one of your lady's fashion ring, we can send you a free sizing stick instead. With a sizing stick, you can determine the size of any of her existing rings.

    how to get my girlfiends size without her knowing

    Simply slide the rings on the stick till you find the one with the most comfortable fit that slides on and off easily.

    If you'd like to request to have a free ring sizer shipped to you, please call 08099500022. Shipping fees apply.



    METHOD 3

    ring size by diameter


    Select a ring that properly fits the intended finger.

    Measure the INTERNAL diameter of the ring.

    Find the corresponding size using our size conversion chart.




    PPS: If you need to surprise your lady, and you need some guidance confirming her accurate finger size, feel free to contact us on +2348099500022. A member of our team will be on board to assist you!

    Most Common Ring Sizes

    Women’s most common ring sizes: 5 - 8

    Women’s average ring size: 7

    Men’s most common ring sizes: 8 - 12

    Men’s average ring size: 10